80/20 Principle for fat loss

80/20 principle is something I like to adapt into everyday life but it also works very well with nutrition and creating that balanced lifestyle.

What it is:

The 80/20 principle in my eyes is the perfect recipe for a long sustainable nutrition plan. Not only does it encourage you to pay attention to the foods you eat containing a good nutritional profile but also gives you a option to add in foods which are more palatable to you.

How to use it:

Personally I use this principle on days that I feel like I want something a little bit off ‘plan’ or if I fancy something that is quick and easy. Generally, my diet is made up of single ingredient foods that ill put together to create a meal.

But using the principle I will add in things I enjoy such as cookies and more cookies (yes I love cookies). I also find myself eating them on a weekly basis and still being able to maintain my body composition.

t’s a very easy thing to follow and really doesn’t need to be over complicated.

Here is an example if you’re tracking your calories:

100% of your calorie intake is 2,500 calories

80% of your calorie intake is 2,000 calories

20% of your calorie intake is 500 calories

Therefore this allows you to hit you over all calorie intake and still fit in that chocolate bar you wanted.

As all things this is nothing but a guide that I put out for those who are already having a good understand of tracking their calorie and macro intake. Its very simple system but really does get over looked or over complicated. Make your ‘diet’ a lifestyle not a struggle!

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